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The iMasons Climate Accord coalition works towards the industry adoption of an open standard to report carbon in data center power, materials, and equipment and a maturity model to report participant progress.




July 10, 2023
March 15, 2023
February 1, 2023
September 19, 2022
July 19, 2022
June 7, 2022
April 25, 2022
March 21, 2022
March 17, 2022
February 22, 2022
February 2, 2022
April 22, 2020

Executive Director Hired

Miranda Gardiner has 16+ years of experience, with extensive data center experience in green buildings, energy and water efficiency, and sustainable master plans and policies.

Working Group Chairs Appointed

Working Groups for Power, Materials and Equipment have been launched and chairs appointed.

Movers Program is Launched

The Movers program is launched in partnership with Aligned Data Centers as a channel for members to showcase their sustainability efforts.

Governing Body Expands

Digital Realty & Schneider Electric join the iMasons Climate Accord Governing Body serving two year terms.

Continued Growth

iMasons Climate Accord member companies reach 161, more than doubling in less than six weeks.
June 2022, Santa Clara, Ca: Noah Goldstein Ica Governing Body Member Representing Google

ICA Governing Body Meets

Meeting for the first time in Santa Clara, CA, the five founding ICA Governing Body members gathered to define the group’s structure, charter, and budget. The governing body includes AWS, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and iMasons.

Official Launch

The historic iMasons Climate Accord is announced in Monaco amassing 73 founding companies in less than six weeks. With carbon offsets purchased by Pure Data Centers, iMasons creates the first carbon-free conference for our industry.

Global Industry Input

Recruitment continues for the launch of the iMasons Climate Accord with simultaneous working sessions in the USA, Spain, and Monaco.

The iMasons Climate Accord is Born

Six key themes from Chez Belady result in the creation of the iMasons Climate Accord uniting companies on carbon reduction in digital infrastructure.

Chez Belady

40 iMasons Advisory Council members came together at Christian Belady’s home to find one thing that they could do together as an industry to tackle climate change.

Defining Digital Infrastructure

If you can measure it, you can improve it. iMasons defines and sizes the Digital Infrastructure industry to establish a starting point to measure progress.

Earth Day 2020

iMasons launches digital infrastructure sustainability vision, "Every Click Improves the Future."



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Lex Coors


Noah Goldstein


Dean Nelson


Doug Mouton

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Charlie Sellars


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Miranda Gardiner

Executive Director


Rachell Robson

Director of Marketing


Emma Stevens

Marketing & Community Manager


1. What is the iMasons Climate Accord?
  1. The iCA is a coalition united to achieve global carbon reduction of digital infrastructure to achieve the Paris Climate Accord.
  2. The ultimate target for signatories of the iMasons Climate Accord is Net Zero Carbon as defined by the Paris Agreement.
  3. The iMasons Climate Accord is here to provide tools and resources to every company in the pursuit of this goal. These tools will be focused on leveraging industry buying power to achieve it.
  1. There are over 250 member companies committed to reaching Net Zero carbon. Members represent a variety of diverse backgrounds, from one person startups, hyperscalers, colo providers, services, consultants, AEC and trade associations. Examples include:
    1. Hyperscalers: AWS, Google, Meta, Microsoft
    2. Colocation: Equinix, CyrusOne, Stack Infrastructure
    3. Manufacturers: Kingspan, Kohler, Schneider Electric, Trane Technologies
    4. Service: Bloomberg, CBRE, Jacobs, JLL
    5. Finance: GI Partners, Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners
    6. Partnerships: Open Compute Project (formal), CEBA, DCD
    7. General Contractors: Fortis, Bird Construction, DPR
    8. Architecture & Engineering Firms: HED, ARUP, HDR, Page Architects, Henderson
  2. iMasons Global and Regional Partners
    1. Starting this year, Global and Regional Partners of the iMasons are recognized by the Climate Accord as Movers – a designation for companies who have contributed financially to the organizations.
    2. For more information on the Movers Program: https://climateaccord.org/movers/
  1. iCA has three Working Groups
    1. Equipment
    2. Materials
    3. Power
  2. Each working group has a goal to decarbonize the data center industry by enabling transparent communication of embodied carbon and building market-based incentives in alignment with the Paris Agreement.
  3. The working groups have published three case studies.
    1. Introduction to Case Studies in Sustainable Infrastructure
    2. Two case studies provide overviews of carbon accounting methodologies currently used for equipment (e.g., CIBSE TM65, EPDs and LCAs).
      1. Environmental Product Declarations & Lifecycle Assessment
      2. CIBSE TM65 Material Disclosure Method
    3. The third case study dives into one organization’s Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment approach.
      1. Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment Approach
  1. Join the Climate Accord Movers program and raise your profile with a Mover’s page to showcase your sustainability efforts. As a non-profit, iCA relies on generous funding from members to move our initiatives forward and believe sharing our successes is one of the many ways we actively participate in this dialogue together.
    1. Similarly, if your company joins the iMasons at the Global or Regional level, you will be deemed an iCA Mover – see above
  2. Follow iCA on LinkedIn for updates and thought leadership insights, including ways to participate on our Working Groups
  3. Sync with one of the iMasons Local Chapters in your region
  4. Meet the iCA and other members at one of the upcoming iMasons events
  5. Case studies, publications, presentations/events – open to suggestion on partnerships