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Join the Climate Accord Movers Program

As a coalition united on carbon reduction in digital infrastructure, the iMasons Climate Accord has partnered with Aligned Data Centers to present how Movers can showcase their sustainability initiatives and efforts while contributing valuable data and perspective to the conversation. Participating Movers play an active role in the successful development of the iMasons Climate Accord Digital Infrastructure Maturity Model (DIMM). Take a look at Aligned’s Mover page and become a Mover today!

Drive Momentum with the Climate Accord Movers Program:

      • Raise your profile

      • Highlight your sustainability progress

      • Showcase your initiatives

      • Share your thought leadership

      • Enable data gathering

      • Guide standards setting

      • Grow SEO

    Contribution: $10,000 USD annual
    The iMasons Climate Accord is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit. Your contribution helps fund the activities of the Climate Accord and is an investment in a better future as we strive for global carbon accounting of digital infrastructure and help to drive the industry to achieve carbon neutrality. Learn more. 

    Whether a current Member or new, become a Climate Accord Mover!

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