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Governing body expands

To better accomplish and define how we will measure these objectives, we are delighted to welcome our new Equipment and Materials Working Group Chairs, Alex Rakow and Lisa Hedstrom.

Alexander Rakow
Schneider Electric

Alex Rakow is the Sustainability Lead for the Cloud & Service Provider segment, where he works with data center operators to advance their sustainability and energy performance.

Alex is excited to contribute to the development of the iMasons Climate Accord, and to help it reach its terrific potential.

Lisa Hedstrom

Lisa Hedstrom is a licensed Architect and Engineer with 15 years working as a Project Architect in the AEC industry, with a focus on mission critical and mega-scale projects.

For Lisa, the value of the iMason’s Climate Accord is to collectively and internally drive our industry to decarbonize.

Alex and Lisa are looking for your support and participation in furthering the above goals and objectives of the Climate Accord. To collaborate with them, join a Climate Accord Working Group!

All Working Group participant roles are uncompensated volunteer roles. Volunteers serve at the discretion of the Chair and Governing Body. Working Groups should collaborate with other bodies or organizations at their discretion to leverage and build on the work of others to accelerate progress.

To learn more about Working Groups, visit this link:

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