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Governing Body Expands

The iMasons Climate Accord has added two new leader companies to the Governing Body, Schneider Electric and Digital Realty. Learn more about the company representatives who will serve below. 

Anna Timme

Schneider Electric

Anna Timme is a recognized global thought leader in data center sustainability. As Head of Sustainability for Schneider’s Secure Power and Data Center businesses, she is driving the conversation on how our industry needs to evolve to meet environmental challenges – technologically and organizationally. She has 18 years of experience in the telecom and data center industries in both Europe and the United States, and has a unique perspective on the successes and failures of our industry across the globe over that pivotal period.

Anna studied International Relations at the San Francisco State University, and has completed programs at the University of Cambridge Judge School of Business in England and the Universita di Pavia in Italy. She is a frequent contributor to industry publications and events.

Connect with Anna.

Lex Coors

Digital Realty

Over the past 30 years of his career, Lex Coors has built exceptionally strong credentials in the design of versatile, cost-effective and energy-efficient data center infrastructure. He has supervised the design and build process for more than 70 data centers and developed close to 600,000m² of gross space with over 300,000m² net space across western Europe and Africa.

In his current role as Chief Datacenter Technology and Engineering Officer at Digital Realty, Lex has pioneered several new approaches to data center design and management, including the improvement of power ratio efficiency between server load and transformer load, and the industry’s first ever modular approach to data center architecture.

Connect with Lex.

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