Our goal is to facilitate transparent communication of embodied carbon and establish market-based incentives for the adoption of zero-carbon equipment.

The Equipment Working Group (EWG) is focused on decarbonization of data center energy-intensive components and processes that make up the entire facility.

We work towards our goals by:

  • Identifying energy-efficient technologies and practices, to highlight environmental and financial benefits
  • Showcasing reductions in energy consumption and associated carbon emissions through the adoption of energy-efficient hardware, such as servers and cooling systems, and the implementation of optimized configurations and utilization practices.
  • Advocating for the use of renewable energy sources to power digital infrastructure, along with promoting the development and adoption of carbon-neutral technologies.
  • Collaborating with industry stakeholders on continuous research into innovative solutions.
  • Supporting both an Equipment-specific and broader iMasons Climate Accord Maturity Model



Alex Rakow

Data Center
Sustainability Lead


Allison Boen

Andrea Desimone

Luke Dias

Rebecca Gilstrap

JM Hands

Dejana Harris*

Kellie Jensen

Louis Liu

Loren Long

Nicole Meyer

Dan Rapp

Emily Swindler

Marcus Tang

Jessie Templeton*


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CIBSE TM65 Material Disclosure Method

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*Brightworks is a Climate Accord contracted and trusted partner, providing technical and oversight services for our work.