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The iMasons Climate Accord Selects Miranda Gardiner as Executive Director

Beaverton, OR. – The iMasons Climate Accord, an offshoot of the global non-profit Infrastructure Masons, has announced they have hired Miranda Gardiner as Executive Director.

The iMasons Climate Accord was founded in 2022 as a coalition of companies and individuals united on carbon reduction in digital infrastructure.

With 16+ years of experience, Miranda brings extensive industry experience in green buildings, energy and water efficiency, and sustainable master plans and policies.

“In the pursuit of a sustainable future, I embrace the opportunity as Executive Director for the iMasons Climate Accord to harness our incredible network of organizations, leaders and subject matter experts to drive extraordinary change. As we lead the charge of carbon neutrality in data centers, each decision and action has the power to ignite transformation and, together, we will prove that conscious leadership can shape our world and redefine what is possible.”

She most recently served as the Global Manager, Data Center Sustainability at Meta, Inc. where she led sustainability strategy for many owned & operated Data Center facilities, including LEED® Gold certification as well as managed site-specific pilot projects including Material Circularity.

“Miranda’s passion for improving sustainability practices through both local and global engagement makes her the perfect fit to lead the iMasons Climate Accord and drive to carbon neutrality as the first step towards net zero for Digital Infrastructure.”

Miranda will work directly with the ICA Governing Body and the Working Groups leading time-bound missions in order to achieve global carbon accounting of digital infrastructure to influence market-based decisions and drive the industry to achieve carbon neutrality.


About the iMasons Climate Accord

The iMasons Climate Accord is a coalition united on carbon reduction in digital infrastructure. Launched by the Infrastructure Masons in 2022, the organization has mobilized a community of 200+ members spanning data centers, networks, cloud computing, energy, and cybersecurity. The Climate Accord Governing Body includes AWS, Digital Realty, Google, iMasons, Meta, Microsoft, and Schneider Electric. Members are working toward industry-wide adoption of an open standard to report carbon power, materials, and equipment to create a common maturity model to report progress. For more information, visit or LinkedIn.


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