Our goal is to offer real-time, transparent carbon content of power, coupled with market-driven incentives for procuring zero-carbon power 24/365.

The Power Working Group (PWG) is focused on decarbonization of data center energy, its uses, and the larger power infrastructure that supports our facilities and communities.

We work towards our goals by:

  • Identifying opportunities to highlight environmental and financial benefits of cleaner power within our facilities and the grid
  • Providing insights and technical guidance on contract requirements to ensure benefit to both power users and providers
  • Showcasing cleaner energy sources to promote reductions in carbon emissions associated with consumption
  • Advocating for policy changes (internal, local, and global) that incentivize the adoption of clean energy solutions and encourage the development of innovative technologies for energy optimization
  • Collaborating across industries and sharing best practices to further accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future
  • Supporting both a Power-specific and broader iMasons Climate Accord Maturity Model



Michael Donohue

Managing Director Business Development & Sustainability


Kit Brown

Vince Colby

Jim Davis

Anna Dowson

Tom Earp

Dejana Harris*

Josh Hatch*

Ben Hoffman

Brian Jabeck

Keith Klessner

Carolina Fernandez Maestri

KC Mares

Upshur Quinby

Tom Quinn

Toni Masi Vincent


Introduction to Case Studies in Sustainable Infrastructure

Digital infrastructure has experienced unprecedented growth, becoming the backbone of today’s interconnected world. As attention shifts beyond efficiency and towards more holistic sustainable practices, understanding the carbon impact of power,
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Working Group Chairs Appointed

To better accomplish and define how we will measure these objectives, we are delighted to welcome our new Equipment, Materials, and Power Working Group Chairs:   Alexander Rakow Schneider Electric
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*Brightworks is a Climate Accord contracted and trusted partner, providing technical and oversight services for our work.