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Taking the Stage

On April 25, 2022, Christian Belady and Dean Nelson took the stage at the Broadgroup Awards in Monaco to announce the iMasons Climate Accord. We were proud to announce that 73 companies had joined the Climate Accord in less than six weeks. This included some of the largest digital infrastructure portfolios in the world.

The founding members of the iMasons Climate Accord include hyperscalers AWS, Google, Meta, and Microsoft along with 35 Colocation companies, 14 product companies, 13 service providers, 3 software companies, 2 power utilities, and 2 finance firms.

The Accord members are committed to working together to shorten the timeline to achieve carbon neutrality as a first step toward net zero.

We were all happy to be back together again, but conferences like this have a sizable carbon footprint associated with attendance between flights, Ubers, meals, etc. To stay true to the iMasons Sustainability vision, we started a trend aligned with the iMasons Climate Accord.

Pure Data Centers, one of iMasons long-standing foundation partners, purchased certified carbon offsets for all 500 of the attendees at the Broadgroup Awards. Their flights, hotels, Ubers, taxis, and meals have all been offset. It is the first carbon-free conference for our industry.

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