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iMasons Climate Accord, Infrastructure Masons (iM), and Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) Alliance

We are pleased to announce a new alliance between the iMasons Climate Accord, Infrastructure Masons (iM), and Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) to address carbon transparency in data centers. This joint effort has the potential for a significant step toward a more #sustainable future in digital infrastructure.

By combining iM’s industry reach and community-driven approach with OCP’s commitment to open #innovation and ability to drive community-led standardizations, we’re creating a dedicated workstream on Carbon Disclosure and Label Standardization for Data Centers.

Through this workstream, we aim to achieve the following:

  • Develop a standardized framework for carbon disclosure in data centers: This framework will provide a consistent and transparent approach to reporting carbon emissions, enabling better decision-making and accountability across the industry.
  • Establish a system for labeling data center IT hardware, equipment, and materials based on their carbon footprint: This will empower customers and investors to make informed choices about the #environmental performance of the products and facilities they use or support.
  • Drive innovation and adoption of low carbon technologies and practices: By sharing best practices and collaborating on new solutions, we can accelerate the transition to more sustainable data center #operations.

Together, we possess the collective power to positively and significantly impact our industry’s environmental footprint.

The OCP-ICA Workstream team and all the members will be using Groups IO for calendar invites and news, so if you are interested in participating, make sure you are subscribed:

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