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Survey: State of Decarbonization

State of Decarbonization Survey

This 3-question survey is for those in digital infrastructure to understand the state of decarbonization knowledge & action in the market today. There are 4 optional additional questions for those seeking to demonstrate leadership and expertise.

What is the level of sustainability awareness in your organization?(Required)
To your knowledge, does your organization have any decarbonization initiatives, targets, or programs?(Required)
Do you believe your organization has the necessary leadership support and resources (people, tools, capabilities) to decarbonize?(Required)
What Scopes of emissions are you currently publicly disclosing?
What Scopes of emissions are you currently requiring disclosure from suppliers for?
Please include links to any relevant databases or processes (eg the GHG Protocol or EC3 database) or public reports.
Max. file size: 50 MB.
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