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Miami, Madrid, and Monaco

On April 19, 2022, we kicked off the iMasons South Florida Local Chapter. Nelson Fonseca, CEO of Cyxtera, the founding partner for the South Florida Local Chapter and a founding member of the iMasons Climate Accord, and Dean Nelson sat down for a fireside chat followed by a working group session with members to provide their perspective on the iMasons Climate Accord.

Mitch Fonseca from Cyxtera, Santiago Suinaga from KIO Networks, and Jose Ruiz from Equinix, all of whom are iMasons Foundation Partners and participated in Chez Belady, helped provide context to drive the conversations. The feedback from the group was great and helped in the messaging and planning for announcing the accord.

After the Miami meeting, Jeff Omelchuck and Dean Nelson flew to Madrid, Spain to attend the iMasons local chapter meeting hosted by SPAINDC.

The meeting was led by Patricia Rodriguez Hernandez, DC Manager at Microsoft, founding member and General Secretary of SPAINDC, and long-time iMasons member and champion. After hearing the introduction to the iMasons Climate Accord we had the groups break out and provide feedback. We had excellent input that provided additional considerations for Spain and the EU.

After the amazing meeting in Madrid, we headed to Monaco to prepare for the in-person iMasons Advisory Council session, members’ meeting, and the Climate Accord announcement.

In less than one month, we’ve aligned on a common industry goal, an effort that resonates with our members and companies in our industry.

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